Pressure washers are divided into two broad categories; cold and hot water pressure washers. Both types aid in dirt removal from different surfaces or spaces. Garages are one of them and require regular cleaning. It’s quite common to find oil spillage and grease on the garage floor, plus dust or large debris. Most of them have floors that turned black after all the mechanical work involved. Pressure cleaners do the job pretty well. But why are the hot water pressure washers the best? We discuss that below.

Garage cleaning using a hot water pressure cleaner

Most cleaning professionals prefer hot water to cold water for various reasons. However, not all surfaces react well with hot water. Before washing any space for the first time, ensure the water temperature is favorable for the process. As for garages, hot water is a necessity. You can also use cold water, but hot water is more beneficial. This is why;

1. Hot water pressure washers give better results

Garages are known for mechanical repairs, especially for cars and trucks. Oil drainage and replacement are regular practices within the space. During the process, oil spillage is expected, which dries and forms a sticky mess on the floor. The hot water in the pressure washer at high pressure effectively cleans the dirt or dust. Additionally, it dislodges the oils and grease off the floor and dissolves them, leaving the garage surface clean. It’s also perfect for washing automotive parts, engines, and other mechanical parts.

2. Hot water pressure washers are time efficient

Generally, all pressure washers take a shorter time to clean. Handwashing or scrubbing is tiresome and can take you hours to finish the garage. Hot water usage is a bonus in this process. Coldwater can do the job but with twice as much time. The reason why hot water reduces the time is its ability to dissolve oils and grease. The water temperature causes the dirt to break down, so there’s less scrubbing and washing.

3. Hot water pressure washers are cost-effective

Pressure washing in a garage requires water and detergents or chemical solutions. In some cases, the use of soap is optional. Since hot water cleans more efficiently, the process is also quick. When you use less time to wash a surface, you also use less water and soap. These pressure cleaners save the resources as well as money to buy them.

4. Hot water pressure cleaners are more hygienic

The washers are known for tough stain removal. They get rid of all stains, including resin which is the toughest. The high temperatures kill 99% of the germs and bacteria. The hot water acts as a natural disinfectant. The garage becomes a safe space to use for everyone after cleaning.

Bottom line

The factors above prove that hot water cleaners are best for garages. The garage harbors so much dirt becoming a health hazard. With the high-pressurized hot water, you can turn it into a clean and safe space for use, free from germs and bacteria. The washers use less water and detergent hence are environmentally friendly. They are time efficient as the cleaning process is short and effective.

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